Waxhaw Real Estate

    Waxhaw Real Estate

    Waxhaw is a rapidly growing town located in Union County, NC with a population estimated to be 7,400. It is a growing suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. The area is wooded with rolling hills and is home to the first gold said to be found in the United States. The town has evolved over the years from cotton industry to an antique and fine dining center. There are currently several specialty shops and fine dining bistros. A park is located in downtown and residents continue to improve the town’s center. New housing continues to dot the landscape, as well as restored homes.

    Waxhaw Real Estate History

    Waxhaw takes its name from the Waxhaw Indian tribe that once called this region home. Waxhaw dates back to the 1700s, but it wasn’t well known until1888 when railroad tracks from Atlanta were laid. Originally called “Wisacky”, the Waxhaw Indians hunting grounds, the Waxhaw settlement was established on busy Trader’s Path. The Town of Waxhaw was chartered in 1889, making it the 3rd oldest town in Union County.

    Waxhaw Real Estate Recreation

    A visit to this city would not be complete without a tour of the Cane Creek Park a 1,050-acre park nearby which opened in 1978. The park is a join venture for the community by Union County, the Union Conservation District and the Soil Conservation Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    While it is a small town, it is a popular one—with numerous annual events drawing thousands to visit, including a 4th of July parade, Christmas parade and more. It is also home to JAARS, an aviation and technical center JAARS. JAARS is known world-wide through its association with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Waxhaw is also home to the Museum of the Waxhaws, which is home to the life and history of this town including information on the Waxhaw Indians, Andrew Jackson and pioneers.